This range is fully comprehensive of standard and residual valves, Post medical standard and residual pressure valves, and valves with integrated pressure regulator (Viproxy) for up to 300 bar working pressure.

Medical Gases Valvesarw1

Safety and performance are key factors in today’s leisure and sport’s time. The nautilus products are a series of scuba valves committed to comply with the most stringent ISO and EN standards and offer performance along with safety in the scuba diving sport.

Scuba Diving Valvesarw1

Cavagna Group’s High Pressure Cylinder Valves for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Impact test resistance in accordance with requirement of EN144, both for Low and High tensile brass body.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Valvesarw1

Cavagna Group’s High Pressure Cylinder Valves for Industrial Gases including Oxygen, Acetylene, Ar/CO2 mix, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxyde.

High Pressure Cylinder Valves for Industrial Gasesarw1

The DIASPEC series has been developed for Specialty Gases, High Purity Gases and Corrosive Gases applications.
The body material can be made of Stainless Steel and hastelloy (AISI 303 304 or AISI 316L) in order to be compatible with all types of specialty gases.

Specialty Gases Diaphragm Valvesarw1

Cavagna Group manufactures a broad range of cryogenic Valves regulators and pressure relief valves for portable cryogenic cylinders up to 200 L capacity.

Cryogenic Gases Valvesarw1

The skills and expertise of the Cavagna Group R&D department have delivered numerous preparatory products to gas industry leaders.
Thanks also to the support of Cavimatic our Engineering Company within the Group, we have been able to develop and industrialize , unique products such as the Olympic torches for 1948 and 2006 games, valves for paintball, Partyperfect ® , Pluscontrol ®.

Special Applications Valvesarw1