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Who are the Cavagna Group
The Cavagna Group is a world leading manufacturer of equipment and components for controlling compressed gases (energy gases, alternative fuel gases, medical gases, industrial gases, and specialty and cryogenic gases).
It was founded in 1949 with headquarters in Northern Italy, close to Brescia, which is historically renowned for its metal processing industry.
The Group consists of eleven vertically integrated production companies in Italy and seven others spread across the five continents.
The Cavagna Group now sells in more than 145 countries worldwide through a distribution network consisting of fifteen fully owned additional distribution companies.
It boasts good business relations with major oil/gas companies, industrial gas companies, automotive OEMs, compressed and liquefied gas container manufacturers and gas appliance OEMs.
The Group’s organizational and operational structure today consists of the joint activity of 11 vertically integrated production companies in Italy and 7 others spread across the five continents. Cavagna Group employs approximately 1000 People in different countries across 5 continents.
The Cavagna Group is today organized into six key focus area.

Cavagna Group Asia proudly represents the Cavagna Group as a whole in the APAC region. Cavagna Group Asia has two souls:
one is the trading soul, being Cavagna Group Asia a logistic hub for all the products manufactured by Cavagna Group companies, and offering its sales and after-sales services to the industry stakeholders in the region.
The second is a manufacturing soul, with state of the art automatic technology for the production of LPG cylinder valves, in compliance with the strictest international and local standards.


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