Cryogenic Valves

Cryogenic Handwheel Valves

The valves are conceived for use on portable cryogenic cylinders and other in-line shut-off valve applications.
Spring loaded stem.
Low profile allows the valve to fit into tight areas.
Cleaned for Oxygen service as per CGA G- 4.1.
Valve body geometry is compatible with the antiremoval devices for CGA fittings.
Valves and internal components parts interchangeable with existing equipment.
Conical swivel seal design helps prevent seat galling from overtorquing.
In order to avoid constantly retightening the packing nut, the valve has a spring loaded stem seal automatically adjust for any gasket wear.
100% leak tested

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Pressure Build Economizer Regulator Combination

The cryogenic economizer regulator has been conceived to maintain pressure on cryogenic liquid within cryogenic container.
Interchangeable with existing regulators.
Made from solid brass.
Compact size to fit any installation.
Inlet filter to prevent external materials from entering into the regulator.
Locknut is provided to maintain adjusting screw setting.

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Cryogenic Pressure Relief Valves

The cryogenic Pressure relief valves is designed to open and reseal at low pressure.
Minimizes gas loss.
Various thread sizes available.
Cleaned and packaged for O2 service per CGA-4.1.
100% factory tested.

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