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Reliability and safety are essential for any kind of residential application, especially when using LPG and Natural Gas. For over three generations the Cavagna Group has been designing, manufacturing and marketing products and solutions for the control of LPG and Natural Gas. Our wide range of LPG tank and natural gas regulating equipment, not only comply to the strictest world standards, but their renown quality make it first choice among customers worldwide.

These regulators are used in domestic, residential and commercial appliances. This group includes single, double, first and second stage regulators.

Regulators for Domestic and Commercial usearw1

Cavagna Group’s companies offer a unique line of valves for above ground and under ground LPG Domestic tanks. This range is fully comprehensive of multi service valves, filler valves; external pressure relives valves and liquid withdrawal valves.

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Due to the long tradition of high quality and value portrayed in OMECA’s cylinder valve line, Cavagna has extended its manufacturing expertise into the residential and commercial ASME tank industry.
Cavagna offers a full range of valves and equipment for all ASME applications (above-ground and under-ground tanks) consisting of Cavagna’s multi-service valves, filler valves, relief valves, and evacuation valves.

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Performance and state of the art engineering of our LPG cylinder valve range are key factors which distinguish these products and have determined their success and market acceptance.

LPG Handwheel Valvesarw1

Kosangas offers a wide range of self closing valves ranging from 16 mm quick connection up to 27 mm.
The entire range can be fitted with acoustic reserve alarms.

LPG Quick On Valvesarw1

The KOSAN quick-on Valve, also known as Jumbo Valve, is a 35 mm self self-closing cylinder valve and can be used with butane, propane or any mixture of the two.

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