b_1For over 60 years Cavagna Group has been designing and manufacturing medical valves and regulators for the healthcare industry. Our mission has been, is, and will continue to be, aimed towards delivering high performance equipment to hospitals, homecare services, and clinics

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b_2Safety is life…Our Group has consistently committed itself to safety. Designing and manufacturing cutting edge equipment for emergency workers is a direct result of what we have been doing over the past 60 years. Our SCBA valves line assures operative certainty to those special people in which we sometimes need to rely on.

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b_3Cavagna Group has invested years of intensive work to develop a range of valve and regulators for compressed specialty gas containers. The reliability of this range of equipment not only assures the highest level of performance in it’s field of application, but it guarantees the safety and security of communities around the world.

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b_4Industrial gases are used in a wide variety of applications, from the Steel Industry, Glass, Cement Automotive, Water Treatment, Welding to the Chemical industry. The Cavagna Group for well over 70 years has been designing, developing and manufacturing valves and regulators for compressed gas containers.

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b_4The Cavagna scuba valves series is engineered to perform in the most extreme conditions. Divers know they can depend on our products in the most rigorous conditions. Innovative features and reliability make this line first choice among extreme sports enthusiasts.

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b_4Wherever gas volume is demanded liquid cryogenic gases are the response. Our Group’s Cryo-line of valve and regulators which operate at -196 °C and complying with ISO standards, not only guarantee continuous supply of the gases to the most demanding users such as hospitals, labs and refineries but ensure maximum dependability and safety in the extreme conditions and sectors in which they operate

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b_4The skills and expertise of the Cavagna Group R&D department have delivered numerous preparatory products to gas industry leaders. Thanks also to the support of Cavimatic our Engineering Company within the Group, we have been able to develop and industrialize , unique products such as the Olympic torches for 1948 and 2006 games, valves for paintball, Partyperfect ® , Pluscontrol ®.

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