Cavagna Group’s companies offer a unique line of valves for above ground and under ground LPG Domestic tanks. This range is fully comprehensive of multi service valves, filler valves; external pressure relives valves and liquid withdrawal valves.

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Cavagna Group range of products is committed to fulfill all the requirements and needs of the LPG industry. Our range of products also includes LPG tank truck and bulk storage equipments.

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Performance and state of the art engineering of our LPG cylinder valve range are key factors which distinguish these products and have determined their success and market acceptance.

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Kosangas offers a wide range of self closing valves ranging from 16 mm quick connection up to 27 mm.
The entire range can be fitted with acoustic reserve alarms.

LPG Quick On Valvesarw1

The KOSAN quick-on Valve, also known as Jumbo Valve, is a 35 mm self self-closing cylinder valve and can be used with butane, propane or any mixture of the two.

LPG Jumbo Valvesarw1

The camping cylinder valves manufactured by Cavagna Group are available in different models.
Our manufacturing process and the final product always comply with the most stringent technical standards.

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In addition to cylinder valves and regulators, Cavagna group companies offer a wide range of cut off ball valves for Recreational Vehicles, marine installations and LPG pipelines.

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Cavagna Group LPG Valves division, manufactures and distributes a wide range of cylinders valves compatible with different refrigerants gases.
These cylinders valves can be with o-ring sealing technology or with diagram sealing technology.

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Our forklift valves ranges is comprehensive of various service valves, filler valves with or without OPD, pressure relives valves, fixed level gauges and accessories. All our service valves can be equipped with a unique designed plastic dip tube for liquid carburation which is suitable for any size/type of cylinders.

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