Reliability and safety are essential for any kind of residential application, especially when using LPG and Natural Gas.
For over three generations the Cavagna Group has been designing, manufacturing and marketing products and solutions for the control of LPG and Natural Gas.

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LPG is a multipurpose fuel. Unlike other fuels it is versatile, easy to transport and environment friendly, making it ideal for outdoor recreation.
For this application, the Cavagna Group has designed and developed a series of valves and regulators to make outdoor activities safe and enjoyable.

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Our Group has always been recognized for the quality of its products, especially in those areas where people’s safeguard is involved. RVs are your home away from home. Our state of the art RV regulator series guarantee your safety and that of your loved ones while on the road.

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Cavagna Group offers Industrial Solutions for high-pressure service and for large loads like factories, offices buildings or restaurants.

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