LPG Outdoor

Application examples

LPG is a multipurpose fuel. Unlike other fuels it is versatile, easy to transport and environment friendly, making it ideal for outdoor recreation. For this application, the Cavagna Group has designed and developed a series of valves and regulators to make outdoor activities safe and enjoyable. Our Group cooperates with leading LPG appliance manufacturers’ thus guaranteeing quality and safety wherever you are.

These regulators are used in outdoor, caravans, motor homes and marine appliances.
This group includes regulators for installation with single or twin “service/reserve” cylinders.

Regulators for Camping, Caravans & Marinearw1

Performance and state of the art engineering of our LPG cylinder valve range are key factors which distinguish these products and have determined their success and market acceptance.

LPG Handwheel Valvesarw1

Kosangas offers a wide range of self closing valves ranging from 16 mm quick connection up to 27 mm. The entire range can be fitted with acoustic reserve alarms.

LPG Quick On Valvesarw1

The camping cylinder valves manufactured by Cavagna Group are available in different models. Our manufacturing process and the final product always comply with the most stringent technical standards.

LPG Camping Valvesarw1

The KOSAN quick-on Valve, also known as Jumbo Valve, is a 35 mm self self-closing cylinder valve and can be used with butane, propane or any mixture of the two.

LPG Jumbo Valvesarw1