Special Applications

HiFlow - NOS Valves for Car Racing

Among the several applications of Nitrous Oxide, one in particular is related to the world of racing and engines.
The Nitrous Oxide Systems allow the engine to achieve a more powerful combustion through the delivery of bigger volumes of oxygen inside the tank.
Our proposal is a high-performance compact valve to be equipped on cylinders of different dimensions, for car and motorbike applications.

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Party Perfect - Helium Ballons Filling

This valve with an integrated push-button inflator can control the flow of helium, and it brings to a controlled and safe system for the filling of balloons in a party.
User friendly, safe…and funny!

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Beverage Gases CO2 Valves

Among several applications in the industry, compressed gases are used more and more in every day life.
Like in the drinking systems, where Carbon Dioxide is used to carbonate drinking water or soda drinks.
Quick on Co2 valves for different drinking systems solutions.

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Compressed Air Valves for Paintball Guns Filling

Compressed gases are also used in the sports and leisure time.
Paintball is a sports/hobby activity that is expanding in different markets around the world. Our solution is to provide safety to the most demaning customers.

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